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Remembering One of Our Students

Saturday, November 14th, 2009


We Appreciate You

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

There are only two Student Appreciation Days a year so we make sure that they are something to remember. This past Fall Student Appreciation Day was the largest ever in the history of the Undergraduate Student Government. Among the many vendors and giveaways were included mechanical bull riding, t-shirts, notebooks, corn dogs, pretzels, soda, popcorn, and sunglasses.

Every semester, USG holds this event to bring awareness to our presence on campus as the official student voice. The free stuff is just our way of getting our message out there. During the year, we work closely with administrators and other students just like ourselves to bring improvements to student life. We pass legislation and hold events that allow all students to connect with the highest levels of leadership at UConn. There are committees working on a daily basis to make this happen.

Tom Haggerty and Lia Albini were impressed with the work Promotion and Recruitment Chair Brian Ingmanson put in for this semester’s event. They took the opportunity to meet their constituents and ask about new student concerns that have not been addressed. Please feel free to express any of those concerns you may have by emailing Tom Haggerty at

You can check out for photos from the event here.

Honoring Our Former Advisor

Saturday, September 19th, 2009

On Wednesday, September 16th USG honored their former adviser, Dr. Julie Elkins. The Senate unanimously passed a piece of legislation, An Act Concerning the Recognition of Dr. Julie B. Elkins. Elkins, who served as the adviser for USG from 2002-2009, stepped down this past fall to take a new position in Boston.

The legislation recognized Elkins’s remarkable courage, steadfast loyalty, and tremendous patience during her tenure with the Undergraduate Student Government. It also renamed the “Advisor of the Year Award”, given each year at the Professional Excellence banquet, to the “Julie Elkins Advisor of the Year Award”.

“Julie was an outstanding adviser to our organization and an even better friend,” said Vice President Lia Albini. “We will certainly miss her guidance and her awesome bass licks but we are excited for her new opportunity and are tremendously thankful for all the hard work she has put in here at USG”.

Foam Fingers Are Only the Beginning

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

So, maybe you can’t name every player on the UConn football team, that might be asking too much. But, we at USG don’t think it is too much to ask that we do everything we can to have the most fun possible at every home game. I mean, if we are going to spend a half hour getting there and end up being sleepy the rest of the day, we might as well enjoy the experience.

This is basically what Huskies of Honor is all about and it’s why USG is helping Rentschler Field become the best college football venue one day at a time. The idea is simple, create an environment at football games that we can be proud of and that can bring honor to our school. Instead of being “those jerks in Storrs,” UConn fans can quickly become “those class-act students from UConn.” While there may be teams that never find out we don’t actually go to school somewhere in Alaska, all teams can learn that we are respectful people that will play hard on the field.

USG is helping build school spirt by holding a Block Party with a DJ and free stuff near the student section before each game. If you were at the UNC game you probably saw the USG foam fingers. There was nothing more impressive than a UConn first down with thousands of giant blue hands thrusting forward. Speaking of which, the “stick it in” chant has never been more emphatic, has it? Read more about it..

Always Bring a Spoon to College

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

On Friday, August 28th, the Undergraduate Student Government held the largest Freshman Ice Cream social in UConn History. Despite, grey skies and unrelenting rain, thousands of new Huskies came to the Student Union to grab free ice cream and t-shirts. Many students took advantage of the opportunity to learn more about USG and grab lanyards, student rights guides, and other great freebies. The event was planned by Promotions and Recruitment Chair, Brian Ingmanson and many other USG members showed up to greet this year’s freshman while dumping syrup, cherries, and sprinkles onto gallons of ice cream. Packets for the Fall elections that begin on September 21st were also available to be picked up.

The Ice Cream Social was a great first opportunity for many new students to meet new friends and enjoy the sudden rush of independence. If you have some comments on how USG can improve the Ice Cream Social we would love to hear from you. You can post a comment below or email the Communications Director, Samuel Greenberg. You can follow Tom and Lia on Twitter @tomandlia or you can get more information about USG on the official facebook page. Read more about it..